Imminent Domain Burger

What Houston burger spot has been under a freeway for over 25 years? Serving what may be Houston’s original buffalo burger, it has to be Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack. I joined my friend K for lunch this week, and no surprise, Bubba’s hasn’t changed in years. No soda machine? “We serve cans!” No French fries? “How about our jalapeño potato salad?” And thank goodness for Houston’s (albeit short) Fall season, because the front porch seating was nice and airy.

The street marquis advertised the “Competition Burger” which sported all of today’s popular extras: bacon, avocado, and a fried egg. My wife says I’m a sucker for ads like this (price be damned!), but I stuck to my roots, and the “no egg” promise I made in my last review. Buffalo bacon cheeseburger, please. Hold the onions.

Being close to Veterans Day, I appreciated the United States flag holding the burger together in a tight paper wrapping. But after a quick and unceremonious unveiling, I went in for a big bite. Meat, meaty, meatiliciousness! The buffalo meat is every bit as good as beef, with 70% less blah blah and less blah blah cholesterol – who cares?!? It tastes gooooood. The bacon was crisp, and the burger had a surprise I wasn’t anticipating, hot sauce that gave it all a really nice kick. The patty was fully cooked but not dry, and the buffalo meat tasted fresh and juicy through the last finger-lickin' bite. The jalapeño potato salad had firm potatoes and good flavor.

I’m lucky to live within just a few short miles of really good burger joints like Bellaire Broiler Burger and Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack. These down-home eateries serve burgers that stand tall next to high-end gourmet establishments, and put a virtual smack-down on popular burger chains. I’m giving Bubba’s a solid gold A, with a promise to return in the near future. That is, unless Houston decides to declare imminent domain in order to build a bigger freeway…. Keep up the good work, Bubba!

The buffalo bacon cheeseburger, with a side of jalapeño potato salad.

The buffalo bacon cheeseburger, with a side of jalapeño potato salad.