A Wine & Burger Love Affair

Red wine goes with red meat, which includes hamburgers.  I recently enjoyed an exquisite pairing of a 40th anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon from Caymus Napa Winery with the Prime Burger from Fleming's Steakhouse (Bar).  This was a match made in heaven.  The wine was smooth, full-bodied, and fruity to the taste. But, the real pleasure came once my hamburger was served.

As we sat on the air-conditioned patio sipping our wine and enjoying some great appetizers, our extremely gracious and well-informed server eagerly presented the Prime Burger.  Mine was a nicely thick and juicy hamburger patty, cooked to order at medium with a glowing pink middle. Served open-faced, the Wisconsin cheddar cheese melting into the hamburger patty, with the smoked-bacon smiling back at my eager mouth, I could not wait to take the first bite.  After placing the nice and evenly grilled brioche bun on top of the burger, I did just that.  BIte after bite, I was quite satisfied.  Everything about this burger was quite good - the size, the taste, the flavor, the kick, the presentation.  Finally, a steakhouse that pays as much attention to their burgers as they do their steaks.  I have visited several other well-respected steakhouses where this was not their hamburger ethic.

In all honestly, it was the wine pairing and it's value price of $25 that brought me to Fleming's for a burger. Sharing an excellent wine and a tasty hamburger with good friends made for quite a burger adventure. 

Prime Burger from Fleming's Steakhouse - even better with red wine

Prime Burger from Fleming's Steakhouse - even better with red wine

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!