Akaushi Burger

Winner of the 2015 Houstonia Magazine Burger Bash, locally owned Harwood Grill is a new arrival to the Houston dining & burger scene.  The All-American Burger highlights their menu - 8 Oz fresh-ground Akaushi, lettuce, vine-ripe tomato, red onion, pickle spear, Siracha-mayo, ground mustard, ketchup, topped with aged cheddar cheese on a daily-baked challah or bun.  This is a burger to sink your teeth into - for taste, flavor, size and substance.  

Akaushi means "red cow", and is richly marbled with fat, producing a very tender, flavorful, and expensive variety of steak.  Using this as a bases for a hamburger produces a juicy and tender indulgence.  Such was the case with the All-American Burger from Harwood Grill.  From first bite to last, the perfectly cooked medium-rare meet was the shining star here - a nice bright pink center greeted me at every bite.  The bun was nicely grilled, the cheese evenly melted, and the hand-cut fries sprinkled with sea salt (with a side of Siracha-mayo for dipping) were delicious. 

In singing my praise for Harwood's burger, I have to say that one of my burger buddies did not enjoy the same experience.  His bun was too soft, and the juices of his medium-rare cooked burger overpowered the bun, causing the entire burger to fall apart.  He was not a happy burger camper, and considered this burger adventure a failure.  

Harwood Grill's interior is modern yet inviting. Their staff is attentive and friendly. Their burgers are definitely worth a try - however, I suggest ordering at medium temperature to curb the Akaushi patty's juices from contributing to a potential bun malfunction.

All-American Burger made with Akaushi Beef accompanied by handcut fries from Harwood Grill

All-American Burger made with Akaushi Beef accompanied by handcut fries from Harwood Grill

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