Boisterous Burger

Revelry is defined in the dictionary as "boisterous festivity".  A recent lunch at Revelry on Richmond included quite the festive meal.  This new Museum Area sports and craft beer bar has an impressive hamburger selection.  Due to their many options, I had decided to start with the burger at the top of their menu, and work my way down on subsequent visits.  My first choice was "The Regular", and I proclaim that this is no "regular" burger.

Perusing their menu had me salavating. Burgers with housemade pickles and picked onions?!!! #yum!  "The Regular" was a freshly ground 7oz beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, housemade pickles, pickled red onions and Siracha Mayo on a freshly baked crunchy artisan bun.  That creative burger resembled a fine work of art.  The purplish pickled red onions stared at me as if to say "I dare you to resist".  Well, of course I didn't, promptly cutting that burger in half and taking my first bite.  The flavor burst was quite amazing - the meat perfectly cooked to medium with that blackened charred crust.  The cheddar cheese melted into the patty with a nice gooey texture, but the punch came from the picked pair on the burger.  The Siracha Mayo added a nice kick. The crunchy bun, evenly grilled, had a delectable chewy center. I don't think I paused between bites, thoroughly enjoying every last one.  Revelry offers a good assortment of creative fries, my favorite being the Parmesean Truffle selection.  My "Burger Buddies' agreed - we had gone to burger heaven and would return often.

"The Regular" from The Revelry on Richond is anything but regular!

"The Regular" from The Revelry on Richond is anything but regular!

Happy Hour & Dinner, Mon.-Sat.., 1613 Richmond Ave., 832-538-0724. $-$$ 

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!