BRC GastroPub - To Egg or Not to Egg?


I want to thank my friend Russell for inviting me to post about our Burger Adventures. I hope everyone enjoys reading about them as much as I do living them! 

TO EGG or not to egg, that is the question!  It’s a popular food trend to put a fried egg on, well, everything.  Fried egg on waffles, fried egg on noodles, and of course, fried egg on hamburgers.  I’ve certainly enjoyed that ooey gooey goodness, where the yolk melts into the burger and provides a layer of juiciness that’s hard to match.

Our regular burger crew dined at BRC GastroPub this week, with craft beers, killer biscuits, and the BRC Pub Burger featured prominently on the menu.  The burger comes with cheddar cheese, maple bacon, thick-sliced tomato and large, chilled, green leaves of iceberg lettuce.  Ours all arrived with the aforementioned fried egg to top it all off.  First impressions focused on the egg, and the healthy portion of veggies. 

The Pub Burger at BRC. Lots of veggies and a fried egg on top.

The Pub Burger at BRC. Lots of veggies and a fried egg on top.

Unfortunately, my burger arrived broken.  The yolk, that is, and it had rendered the bottom bun pretty soggy.  But I dug in anyway and tasted bacon, egg, burger, and a whole lot of veggies.  It was good.  Pretty darn good.  I removed about half of the lettuce and tomato and took another bite.  The meat had a nice flavor, and I really liked the sauce, what tasted like a thousand island-type mixture.  The cheese was fully melted, which I like, and had a good sharp taste – not just a plain old slice of Kraft American.

In the end, a quite tasty burger, a solid B or B+, ended up soggy because of the broken yolk.  Would it have been a better burger without the egg?  Would the bottom bun have held up better if it were Ciabatta or a pretzel bun?  Next time I’ll go without the egg and find out.  Another burger connoisseur mentioned that BRC is a good evening date spot, with a solid wine list.  I’ll have to go back with my wife and check it out because those biscuits sure looked amazing!