Brew Burger

Recently, a burger buddy of mine asked if we had run out of new burger spots to try in Houston. I immediately declared we had not, and presented one that I had just heard of - Beer Market Co. in the Washington Avenue corridor. With a sports bar theme, Beer Market serves craft beers, specialty cocktails, and most importantly, very good burgers.  

Offering five burger options, I selected the Beer Market Burger with cheddar and bacon. This is a hand formed 1/2 lb. certified Angus beef patty served on a grilled buttered brioche bun with leafy lettuce, and onion. The side of shoestring sweet potato fries were served with a special dipping sauce.  I knew I was in for a real treat as the server presented the burger.

After carefully "divorcing" the burger (cutting in half), I couldn't help but comment on the perfectly pink center of my cooked to order (medium temperature) hamburger patty, contrasted with a beautifully charred crust.  With its juices flowing and my mouth watering, I took the first bite, and it was quite good.  Each flavor complimented the other without overpowering.  While the brioche bun was a bit fluffy, the sweet taste was the perfect match to the charred taste of the burger.  The bacon was flavorful and crispy, with the oozing-over-the-sides cheddar cheese presenting the right amount of sharpness.  The shoestring sweet potato fries were very crispy on the outside, with a sweet-tasting tender middle.  For $12.00, I got value, great taste, and a very cool atmosphere. Service was prompt, attentive and friendly.  My burger buddy and I both commented that we would be back. Of course, the Moscow Mule I enjoyed certainly complimented the entire meal experience!

Beer Market Burger from Beer Market Co. in the Washington Ave. corridor

Beer Market Burger from Beer Market Co. in the Washington Ave. corridor

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

11am-12am Sun.-Sat.,  900 Studemont St., Suite 900, 713-426-9035. $-$$