Bubba & Burgers

I have to be honest - I have never been the biggest fan of Bubba's Texas Burger Shack. The place that serves burgers under the bridge on Westpark near Uptown. This is a hamburger favorite of many in town. Personally, I thought the burgers were fair, they take too long to make, and they do not serve French Fries. Three strikes in my opinion.

What I was not aware of is that Bubba's has a food truck. How surprised was I to find them sitting in the parking lot of my office building at lunch one day. As pragmatism prevailed, I opted to save time and order from the truck, rather than get in my own vehicle and leave the premises for my mid-day meal. The burger couldn't be that bad.

Normally, I'm not a fan of being wrong, but in this case I can admit it. Yes, it took a bit for my burger to be ready, but once it was, and with that first bite, I got a very tasty burger. Prepared nicely at medium, the patty glistened with the welcome charred crust. The burger was juicy to the bite with the right amount of seasoning, and there was a bright yellow coating of cheddar cheese melting evenly over the side. The golden toasted bun was a nice compliment as was chopped onion and light mayo. If only they hadn't used iceberg lettuce. The small side of their specialty jalapeno potato salad is one aspect of Bubba's I have always enjoyed, and since they don't offer French Fries, this is, at least, a nice consolation. All in all, I liked the food truck version of Bubba's. So much, in fact, that I plan to give their "under the bridge" location another try.

Cheeseburger from Bubba's Texas Burger Shack Food Truck

Cheeseburger from Bubba's Texas Burger Shack Food Truck

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

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