Burger Blast from the Past

Hamburgers from my childhood and teen years consisted of the standard fast-food fare. Any exceptions to those would be a treat, but would not be gourmet by any standard. New burger options would appear from time to time, but most are now just memories from my past. However, one of those hamburger memories remains a part of the Houston burger scene. 

Annie's Hamburgers on South Post Oak Road has been serving up classic flame-broiled hamburgers since the 1970s in the same Westbury area mid-century strip center. Originally known as Luke's Hamburgers before legal issues forced a name change, Annie's knows burgers. Their menu is simple - single or double burgers, with or without bacon, fries, onion rings, with chicken sandwich, BLT, and breakfast options.

Annie's is not fancy - and you don't want it to be. They offer a made to order hamburger from friendly folks who have been doing this for years. In about 15 minutes, my number was called, and off I went to the counter to greet my burger. Wrapped in white paper, one end of the burger is visible, inviting me to indulge. That first bite took me back over 20 years to a familiar taste that I could never forget. A flame broiled flavor is still the centerpiece of this hamburger on a toasted bun, with cheese melting off the side of the patty, complimented by iceberg lettuce (not my favorite), white onion and light mayo. The fries (of the frozen variety) are thin, crispy and tasty. This was an enjoyable burger adventure.

Annie's gets busy, so the place can look a little unclean. But keep your focus on the food they serve, and you'll remember this place for years to come.

Annie's Old-Fashioned Cheeseburger

Annie's Old-Fashioned Cheeseburger

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Hours Vary,  10821 S. Post Oak Rd., 713-729-9861  $