Burger by Louie

Regional burger spots have entered the Houston market over the last couple of years. One of those is Bar Louie, recently opening in the Sugar Land Town Center. While the name my not imply that they specialize in hamburgers, their menu tells a different story, with an entire section devoted to burgers. 

Choosing which burger to order was not easy, but considering I love whiskey as much as I do a good burger, the choice quickly became obvious. The Spiked Bulleit Bourbon Burger had my name written all over it. Covered in a zesty house-made sauce spiked with Bulleit Bourbon, the meat is an 80/20 blend of chuck and brisket, topped with cheddar cream cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and crispy onion rings topped with a fresh baked challah bun. With all these ingredients, the burger had to be a winner. And it was! 

The sweetness of the fluffy bun was the perfect companion to a juicy cooked to order (medium) patty with contrasting flavors from the meat mixture. The crispy onion strings and applewood bacon complimented the cheddar cream cheese which enveloped the burger, creating explosion of flavors. In my opinion, this was near burger perfection. The fact that this burger was served from a Chicago-based chain is quite impressive.  I only have six burgers left to try from their menu.

As their name implies, Louie serves some impressive craft cocktails, as well as inspiring appetizers, salads, and flatbreads. However, with their burger menu, there is no need to order something else.

Spiked Bulleit Bourbon Burger from Bar Louie in Sugar Land Town Center

Spiked Bulleit Bourbon Burger from Bar Louie in Sugar Land Town Center

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

11:00am - 2:00am Mon. - Fri., 10:00am - 2:00am Sat. - Sun.; 16089 City Walk Drive, Sugar Land $$