Burger by the Bay

Last year, The Travel Channel's show, "Burger Land", presented "Houston, We Have a Burger".  That episode xpotlighted several local burger dives including "Tookie's" in Seabrook.  At the foot of the Kemah bridge, Tookie's has been an area burger landmark since 1975.  And, their burger is considered a landmark by many, as well!

I ordered their "Squealer" burger - Certified Angus Beef blended with bacon dressed with mayo, cheddar cheese, lettuce and onion.  I figured my bacon fix would be fulfilled with it ground directly in the burger patty.  As my burger was brought to the table, and I was pleased to see that the lettuce was shredded, my favorite.  I took my first bite, and the burger reminded me of home.  It was a comfort burger, harkening me back to the better burgers of my childhood. The patty had a nice crust, and while I did see bits of bacon in the patty, the flavor just wasn't there.  Once I took a bite of the meat, without all the trimmings, I could taste a slight bacon flavor. The patty was cooked nearly medium (my requested temperature), and I ate every bite.  The day was beautiful, right along the water with a nice breeze on Tookie's awesome patio.  Well worth the drive for a good comfort burger!

Tookie's Squealer - bits of bacon visible!

Tookie's Squealer - bits of bacon visible!

Tookie's is a great road trip getaway.  Is it one of my favorites?  This was a good burger, but there are other area burger havens I would recommend - however, this does not mean that I wouldn't go back!

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!