Burger Master

The term Guru can be defined as meaning master. This term is befitting as the name of a place I recently visited for one of my burger adventures. Guru Burgers & Crepes in Sugar Land offers a very masterful hamburger on their menu. A quaint cafe in a popular urban town center setting, the personal service and attention to detail made for a tasty and enjoyable adventure.

With several burgers to chose from, my selection was The Pancho - Grass-fed Texas Aakaushi beef, local jalapeno bacon, pepper-jack cheese, roasted jalapeno, homemade guacamole, fresh tomatoes, Bibb lettuce (not my favorite), and house made pickles, served on a Challah bun. As served, the presentation was simple yet creative, with green parsley pieces sprinkled on the plate and the burger itself. The cheese was nicely melted over the side of the glistening and juicy patty.

With the first bite, juices and flavor contrasts were abundant. The sweet taste of the bun, contrasting with the bite from the jalapeno bacon, roasted jalapenos, and pepper-jack cheese created euphoria with every bite that followed.  I don't even remember pausing between bites before I noticed I had eaten the entire hamburger. Adding sides of Beet Chips and Sweet Potato Fries only sweetened the deal. And, for those who enjoy a libation, Guru offers a nice wine and craft beer selection. as well as an inventive menu of non-burger dishes.

Guru Burgers & Crepes is local, fresh, and serves great food. While I don't eat there as much as I should, I will surely be back soon and often. The drive to Sugar Land Town Center is surely worth the trip for such a master burger destination.

Masterful - The Pancho Burger from Guru Burger & Crepes in Sugar Land

Masterful - The Pancho Burger from Guru Burger & Crepes in Sugar Land

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

Lunch & Dinner - Sun. - Mon.., 2268 Texas Dr, Sugar Land. gurukitchen.com $-$$