Fast-Food Burger Surprise

Hamburgers are served at many types of establishments.  From fancy restaurants to greasy spoons, from cheap to pricey, each can present their own perfect creation.   This was the lesson I recently learned while trying a fast-food burger.  I had received a press release from Wendy's announcing the arrival of their new addition - Bacon & Blue on Brioche and decided to give it a try.

The Bacon & Blue on Brioche is Wendy's traditional burger with Wisconsin blue cheese and Applewood smoked bacon topped with a Brioche Bun. The description alone sounds like it could be from a number of cool and upscale burger spots around town.  Throw a fast-food chain into the mix, and I was not certain this would ever be a burger to blog about. I'm happy to say that I was proven wrong.

Make no mistake about it. Even with the new design concept that Wendy's has rolled out at their restaurants, this is still a fast-food burger spot. However, when I posted a photo of this burger on social media, no one could guess where it was from. The gourmet look of this burger created an enticing firestorm. With my first bite, I had to admit that Wendy's knew what they were doing. And with every bite that followed, my thoughts were confirmed.  The patty was not of the square variety of Wendy's past; it even had a pink center.  The blue cheese crumbles were tart, the Applewood smoked bacon was full of flavor, the field greens were fresh, and the evenly toasted brioche bun was firm and sweet to the taste. Wendy's updated French Fries were golden and crispy, with a tender middle. All in all, with the $7 price tag for the meal (burger, fries & drink), this was a great value, especially teamed with a great tasting burger from the fast-food variety.

Yes, this is the Bacon & Blue on Brioche Burger from Wendy's.

Yes, this is the Bacon & Blue on Brioche Burger from Wendy's.

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

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