Burger Without Chops

The Pappas family knows how to prepare their meat. Given that they save the trimmings from Pappas Bros. Steakhouse to make the patties at Pappas Burgers, one should expect burger perfection with each order. A recent visit provided me with the experience I expected rather than one of surprise.

To begin with, I have never been a big fan of Pappas Burgers. However, I was willing to give them another try, as it had been years since my previous visit. Going in with an open mind, I placed my order for their Bacon Cheeseburger (cooked medium), with lettuce, onion, light mayo and a side of bacon jam. As other orders passed through the dining room, I actually began to eagerly anticipate my burger.  

With a $15+ price point, I expected something special from Pappas. Delivered to my table with a side of thinly sliced hand-cut fries, the appearance of this burger was impressive. A nicely and evenly toasted (fluffy) challah bun enveloped the juicy-appearing meat adorned with strips of bacon peeking out from the bun. Cutting the burger in half, I was promptly greeted with a gray center instead of the usual medium-cooked shade of pink. This was not a good sign.  The first bite presented me with a rather bland taste. I added the side of bacon jam to add flavor. But, as you all know, I think the most important part of any hamburger is the meat, and it was the least effective part of the burger. I did appreciate the shredded lettuce and smoky cured bacon. Even the thin and crispy fries were enjoyable. Yet, I was not surprised at the average burger I was served, as this has always been my experience at Pappas Burgers.

While I had hoped for change, it was not to be. Though not horrible, they serve an over-priced burger with an underwhelming taste. Pappas Burgers has the chops to serve a great hamburger, so I have to wonder why the effort is not made to do so. 

While nicely presented, the Bacon Cheeseburger from Pappas Burgers was quite underwhelming

While nicely presented, the Bacon Cheeseburger from Pappas Burgers was quite underwhelming

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

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