Revisiting a Burger in its Prime

When I woke up this morning, and all the way through to lunch, I had no plans to eat a burger today.  In fact, my original plan was to go to a burger place for a salad.  Well, all that changed as soon as I walked into Beck's Prime for lunch.  Having gone there earlier in the week with some co-workers, drooling over their burgers while I ate my salad, I lost my will-power today before the person behind the counter could ask me what I'd like to order.  "Cheeseburger (on wheat bread) with lettuce, onions, light mayo, and a side of sweet potato fries, please!"  Notice the wheat bread - that makes all burgers healthy, right!

Talk about your darn good "fast-food" burger - forget your Five Guys (as one of my burger buddies loves), forget your "Elevation Burger" (one of my other burger buddies' recommendation).  This is the real deal.  Charbroiled to perfection, fresh shredded lettuce (my favorite), tangy American cheese on that lightly sweet wheat bun, and tasty with every bite!  The perfect two-fisted burger - the smell reels you in from the beginning.  The taste brings you home.  Of all the "fast-food" type burgers I have eaten, Beck's Prime is truly the "Primo" of the pact!  Long the leader in upscale "fast food burgers" in the area.

The Simple Cheeseburger is SIMPLY delicious at Beck's Prime!

The Simple Cheeseburger is SIMPLY delicious at Beck's Prime!

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!