Comfort Burger Zone

As you might know, my office is now in The Heights - great area to live, dine, and eat burgers!  So many choices, and I just happen to find them by driving to work everyday, noticing the places I hadn't noticed before.  Last week, I noticed something I hadn't seen the previous 3 weeks traveling down the same street - Cedar Creek Cafe.  It's the sister to a couple other Heights establishments, I would learn, and they had burgers on their menu, I would also learn.  IDEA!  I'll go there for lunch one day and try out their burger!

Nice and rustically inviting interior, I walked up and said I want a burger, I write a blog, and I'll have fries with that.  Of course, I had the usual bacon cheeseburger, lettuce, onion, and light mayo.  Good news - NO ICEBERG LETTUCE.  They put shredded lettuce on the burger, which I love, as well as a nicely cooked "medium" 100% all natural, hormone free Angus beef on a CHALLAH BUN, with crispy applewood bacon.  (Is your mouth watering yet??).  Mine was while waiting, and I ate this burger, and the quite good thin sliced fries, with much enjoyment.  Then, as I looked up, a nice server brought me a refill of my tea, and the chef joined him as they made sure I enjoyed my burger.  Had they been alerted to my blog? - probably so - but, I will remember their attentiveness, and their burger, and join them again for both.  It was a luxury-level of comfort during my lunch - comfort food, comfortable environment, and comfortable people. Made the rest of my day sail comfortably along!


Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!