Burger in Big-D

My recent Dallas roadtrip was filled with many decisions..  The most important one was where to eat a burger with recently engaged friends.  Strongly recommended, I selected Liberty Burger as my first choice. This highly regarded "family-owned and Texas-grown" burger spot was voted as the Best Burger in Dallas two years in a row by D-Magazine.  But, do I agree?!

Walking into Liberty Burger, I was excited to feast on one of their hamburgers made from a unique blend of never-frozen tenderloin, chuck and brisket.  That day Liberty was featuring "The Austin Burger", blending their special patty with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar, red onions,  fried pickles and a Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce (I'm not sure why this combination represents Austin), topped with a brioche bun, which is delivered daily by a local artisan bakery.  Looking at this burger's photo on their "special menu marquee", which looked and sounded delicious, I was sold.

At first bite, my taste buds were not amused, so I decided to cut the burger in half so I could see how it was prepared.  The burger was a little too pink, rendering it undercooked.  I could see the various meats (tenderloin, chuck, brisket) almost in layers, not even ground together.  The brioche bun was flat, dry & tasteless, adding no flavor to the hamburger.  As I continued to eat, the fried pickles' flavor stood out above all else, and I barely recognized the presence of BBQ sauce.  Overall, this was one of the most disappointing burgers I have ever eaten, given the hype, buildup, anticipation and accolades Liberty Burger has received. However, the side of sweet potato fries accompanying the burger were actually pretty good, so I did not leave totally unsatisfied.  

Fortunately, my weekend included a delicious burger at a July 4th celebration catered by The Burger Man. But, the next time I'm in town, it's back to The Burger House for my Big-D burger adventure!

The uninspired Austin Burger - Liberty Burger, Dallas.

The uninspired Austin Burger - Liberty Burger, Dallas.