Artisan Burger

A recent "Burger Buddies" adventure took us away from our comfort zone to a nice wine cafe, The Tasting Room in Uptown Park.  Having sampled a taste on a prior occasion, and enjoying my bite, I decided it was time for the entire burger.  The "TTR Burger" is their signature blend of Angus whole muscles topped with mayo, brie, hothouse tomatoes, red onion and romaine lettuce, served on Slow Dough challah bun.

The crowd at lunch was extremely light, which gave us hope for a leisurely lunch.  While the service was slower than anticipated, all was (mostly) forgiven once the hamburger arrived.  This burger looked stunning, with the charred patty peaking out from beneath the romaine lettuce. The challah bun was nicely grilled, crunchy to the touch and chewy to the taste.  But, the meat was the real star here - cooked to medium temperature, with a juicy pink center.  Others at my table were not so fortunate, as comments such as over-cooked were shared. The side of fries were thinnish and crispy with a tender center, but were of the frozen variety.  

The charred and smokey flavor of the patty, mixed with the sharpness of the brie, provided a unique contrast in flavors.  With some minor adjusments and better consistency, The Tasting Room could become a new lunch destination for a burger.  However, next time, I'll ask to substitute a nice glass of Malbec for the fries.

The Tasting Room's Artisan TTR Burger

The Tasting Room's Artisan TTR Burger

Four Bites are Worth a Thousand Words - Give or Take

So, my co-worker and blogger extraordinaire, Laura Max Nelson, was eating this wonderfully aromatic meal in our office,  which I immediately thought it was from an area BBQ joint that I love.  NOPE - it was the remains from her burger from The Tasting Room -  the same folks who bring us Max's Wine Dive.  She implored me to finish her burger, proclaiming it awesome.  Not one to disappoint (or ever turn down a burger), I ate the remaining 4 bites.  What an amazing combination of flavors and tastes.  YUMMY just about sums it up.  So, I'll have to put The Tasting Room on our list of burger options for 2014 - stay tuned!

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!