Did the Burger Bus Break Down?

The impossible has finally happened, and I never thought it could.  After several appetizing visits to Bernie's Burger Bus (both the "bus" and "storefront"), my dinner on a recent Saturday night was less than stellar.  I had decided to be an equal opportunity burger-orderer, and continue trying all burgers on their menu.  This week's selection was "The Substitute".  Maybe I shouldn't have strayed.

The Substitute, with it's bleu cheese, thick crispy bacon, burgundy laced mushrooms and "tipsy" caramelized onions, turned out to be no match for the real Bernie's I had come to know and love.   Served well-done, when ordered medium, the bleu cheese (almost a cream cheese) was so overpowering that it completely ruined the flavor experience.  The bun tasted as if it had been taken out of the plastic packaging and placed on the burger barely grilled or toasted, cool to the touch. There was no flavor from the burgundy laced mushrooms and "tipsy" caramelized onions. Without any type of garden condiment such as lettuce and tomato, the hamburger fell flat. I suppose I could have ordred The Substitute with these additions, but the description of the burger led me to assume this would not be necessary.

Some cousins of mine shared a similar experience on a visit the night before, However, on the plus side, Bernie's Truffle Laced Fries were excellent as usual, and their service was friendly and attentive.  While the bus might have stalled, any restuarant can have an off-day, and I'm still a big Bernie's fan.  My goal has always been to remain honest with my reviews on this blog, and I shall continue on that path.  Next time, it's back to "The Principal" for my class!

The Substitute from Bernie's Burger Bus was not a hit

The Substitute from Bernie's Burger Bus was not a hit

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!