Drugstore Burger

The options for drugstore counter burgers have become fewer through the years.  Fortunately, one such place still exists in The Heights area of Houston - The Yale Street Grill & Gifts. Opening in 1923 as Yale Pharmacy, walking into the oldest diner remaining in the city definitely took me back to the past.  Everything about this diner is retro, as is the adjacent gift shop. While no longer filling our prescriptions, Yale Street Grill can certainly fill our mealtime needs. Especially our burgers needs.  

The old-fashioned cheeseburger they offer was my selection.  With onions, shredded lettuce, light mayo, and smokey bacon topped on a nicely grilled (top and bottom) bakery bun, this burger was pure heaven.  Classic in presentation, with hand cut fries on the side, each bite took me back to the a pharmacy burger from my past - Cunningham Drugstore in Meyerland.  The meat was thin and mashed with a faint pink center, the lettuce was crunchy, the bacon flavorful, and the evenly melted american cheese slice has a slightly sharp taste.  Biting into the burger put a smile on my face - for both the taste and the memories. For a true retro experience, Yale Street also offers some great fountain treats as well, including milk shakes and cherry flavored sodas.  

Dining at Yale Street Grill makes the day just a little easier, and it took me back to a simpler time. The atmosphere is not fancy, but it is warm and inviting, and the burger was the comfort food that I needed on a hectic day at work.  So, I suggest you take some time to drive out to the Heights and enjoy a burger at Yale Street Grill & Gifts.  It will be like going back home.

Classic Cheeseburger from Yale Street Grill & Gifts in The Heights

Classic Cheeseburger from Yale Street Grill & Gifts in The Heights

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

7a.m - 4:30p.m. - Mon.-Sun, 2100 Yale St., 713-861-3113.  $