Jerry is Building a Better Burger

Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers came onto the burger scene a few years back with a marketing campaign that brought crowds to their West University location, including this blogger.  They offered free burgers for all! Once the excitement of this new neighborhood eatery wore off, the burgers were simply not enough to bring us back, and subsequent visits were uninspiring. A guest blogger on Eat More Burgers agreed.  Jerry had not built a special burger.

Recently, Jerry Built reached out to assure me that they had recognized mistakes being made their first year, and how they listened to comments and reviews from customers and critics. Their goal was to improve all aspects of the customer experience - taste, selection, and value. They implored me to give Jerry another try.

After accepting the challenge, I wondered if Jerry Bulit Homegrown had honestly made changes. Or would the burger patty continue to bear little resemblence to meat; would their fries be served soggy; would their food still be presented in cardboard containers that would affect the overall flavor and texture of the meal served?

I want to preface my review of the new & improved Jerry Built by saying that I was invited by their PR representative to come and try Jerry again, this time on her.  While initially resisting, I finally agreed to meet, but with the stipulation that I would be completely honest in my second-impressions of Jerry Built.

And now for the changes that Jerry made. The way they prepare their hand pressed patty, with a special proprietary seasoning, and how the meat is cooked. Because the hamburger is grilled on a gas-burner grill, the taste is more robust with a char-broiled flavor.  The burger is rounder, filling out the entire circumference of the (daily) fresh-baked on-premises bun.  The bacon cheeseburger I ordered, with 100% all natural beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, & light mayo, bore no resemblence to their burger from earlier visits.  This was a very good burger, full of fresh ingredients and flavors - quite tasty. The center of the patty was a nice shade of pink, and the side of truffle parmasian fries was enjoyable.  They serve hand cut crinkle-fries, and while firm and not soggy, these treats could have been a tad more crunchy.  I mentioned this to my lunch partner, and she said that the owners would be informed.  In addition, I suggested that the bun be toasted a little longer to add a nice finishing-touch taste. 

I applaud Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers for recognizing the need to tweak their burgers and their menu. Also, for discarding those pesky cardboard containers in favor of the very familiar burger basket. They now offer salads, specialty burgers created by local Houston foodies and celebrities, chicken breast (not patty) sandwich, vegan options, gluten-free meals & sweets, and craft beer & wine.  I appreciate Laura Littlejohn, with their PR team, for reaching out and bringing me back to Jerry's table.  I honestly feel we shouldn't rule out Jerry Built for burgers, nor should we ignore that he is working hard to make his customers happy.  I now task my "Burger Buddies" to re-visit this better built burger.

The New & Improved Burger by Jerry

The New & Improved Burger by Jerry

Lunch & Dinner Sun.-Sat., 3501 Holcombe Blvd.,  $

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!