Jonathan Knows How to Make a Burger

A hidden gem in Hedwig Village, Jonathan's the Rub is known for their burger selection. One of them, "The Rub", is a chargrilled, rub-seasoned, ground-chuck patty topped with cheese and applewood-smoked bacon, served on a Sheila Partin sweet sourdough bun with creamy "Jonny Sauce". If you think about it, each one of these ingredients should create a darn good burger.  I was not disappointed!

Let me begin by saying that I had been hoping to visit "The Rub" for quite awhile. When the opportunity came, I jumped on it immediately. Walking in, the aroma of the chef's creations coming from the kitchen won me over. The relaxed atmosphere and extremely friendly staff made me feel right at home. And, that burger satisfied my appetitie - cooked perfectly to medium temperature. Owner Jonathan Levine's strength is driving the juices to the center of the patty, and he definitely succeeds.

One of my burger buddies agrees that "The Rub" serves an excellent and well-crafted burger. We are hoping to bring our other buddy back so we can convince him of the same. And, by that time, Jonathan's the Rub will be in their new digs - which I can't wait to visit often!

"The Rub" at "The Rub"

"The Rub" at "The Rub"

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!