Lucky Burger No 5

Gourmet hamburgers have come a long way over the last decade. They are now offered on menus at restaurants serving fine cuisine. Tiny’s No. 5 is a culinary delight in West University, and their menu is no exception. I recently enjoyed their Lucky Burger for lunch with my burger buddies.

The Lucky Burger is piled high with two ground in-house patties and adorned with cheddar cheese that melted evenly on all sides of the burger. with house-made pickles and a side of lucky sauce, this burger was a combination of tantalizing flavor explosions. A nicely charred crust on the patties kept juices flowing with each bite. The brioche bun was perfectly toasted and held firm throughout the burger experience. Some brioche buns fall apart with the first bite, but Tiny’s creates heavenly baked goods. A generous side of thinly crisp sweet potato fries was a nice compliment to the hamburger.

While this is definitely a two-handed burger, I suggest cutting in half (or divorcing) just to get a look at the beautiful hamburger you are about to enjoy. I am eagerly looking forward to my next (Lucky) burger adventure.

Lucky Burger flanked with sweet potato fries from Tiny’s No. 5

Lucky Burger flanked with sweet potato fries from Tiny’s No. 5

Cheers to Eating More Burgers in 2019!

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