Mighty Fine Time for a Burger

After 6 months of working in the Heights, I am still discovering new burger spots.  Recently,  I read about Mytiburger.  Since 1967, this retro burger joint has served up "Texas-style burgers, fries, homemade onion rings, and just about anything else you can put bacon and cheese on".  Why wouldn't I want to check it out?!

Walking inside, I was greeted with several "Welcome to Mytiburger" chants from their staff.  I ordered their Mytiburger with cheese, adding my usual lettuce, onion, and light mayo.  Then I was asked if I wanted fries, onion rings, tator tots, sweet potato fries, etc.  My choice, plus a medium drink was included for $7.25!  I chose the sweet potato fries, paid, and waited for my order. This burger blogger was hungry!

It was during the waiting period that I observed the crowd.  A gentleman wearing a high school team polo; two guys dining together, with one on the phone talking about computers, and the other excusing himself to check on somthing at the service station across the street. A variety of neighborhood locals enjoyed their burgers at the other tables.  There was no question that this was a favorite of the locals!

My name was called - I went to the counter to retreive the bag containing my burger and fries - back to the table I went.  That burger was classic old-school - toasted bun, thin seasoned patty, melted cheese!   Reminiscent of burgers from my childhood, I literally was taken back to that time, in the late 1960s, when I was enjoying a burger with my Dad.  Bite after bite, never putting the burger down, I ate with pleasure.  Every now and then, I'd eat a couple sweet potato fries, but the main attraction here was the burger.  

While this burger was neither original or unique, it was satisfying and tasty.  As I walked out, I told my new friend at the counter that I would be back and I would bring friends.  She, who had eaten here since she was a child herself, seemed so pleased that we'd be meeting again.  This place was friendly, familiar, and welcoming.  Add a good burger to that mix, and who wouldn't want to visit often?  Do you want to join me next time?


Mytiburger with cheese 

Mytiburger with cheese 

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!