Reuniting Old Friends Over a Burger

Tucked away in the Heights, Zelko Bistro was a recent destination for lunch where I reunited two long-time friends, and introduced a new one.  Looking at Zelko's menu, I was overjoyed to see they had a burger.  So, while the reunited friends were chatting it up (like giddy college girls) about past boyfriends, and how they "used to be so handsome", my other lunch partner and I focused on that burger!  We had our priorities in order!

Boy, was I glad to have kept that focus!  Let me tell you about this burger - A perfect "medium" cooked burger with cheddar, lettuce, caramelized onions, bacon, tomato, pickles, dijonaise on brioche with truffle fries.  As I was taking the first bite, I became one with the crunchiness of the bacon, the juiciness of the meat, and the caramelized onions.  I stopped talking, and started eating until I ate my last bite.  The bun was nicely grilled with butter on its flat side, and was puffy and sweetly flavored with the right amount of flavor contrast.  The thinly sliced truffle fries (and there were plenty) melted in my mouth, which gave an additional flavor pleasure!

The warm environment of this converted bungalow made me want to stay there way past the lunch hour.  The inspiring burger makes me want to return.  The sinful banana cheesecake (ripened, creamed bananas, light cheese custard, graham cookie crust, local-raw honey lacquer, caramel, and sugar snow) made me fall in love with bananas all over again, although I have never fallen OUT of love with them!

My friends who had been reunited in their bliss - it was as if they had never been separated.  Fortunately, my other lunch partner Laura was there with me to experience the bliss that is the burger at Zelko Bistro!

Zelko Bistro Burger with Truffle Fries....

Zelko Bistro Burger with Truffle Fries....