Royal Burger

"Burger Fit for a King" was a tagline once used for a very famous fast-food hamburger chain. The options were few, and simple by today's hamburger offerings. Most burgers, by their size alone, are feasts fit for royalty, but the size of the burger does not always equate to a regal review. For instance, the American Classic Burger at The Burger Palace across from The Galleria is made from all the right ingredients, but that does not always mean a truly great burger experience.

The Burger Place specializes in Kobe Beef Burgers, which is a good thing. I had been planning a vistt for many months, and finally made this happen at the end of 2016. Stopping by for a Saturday lunch, I sat down in the simple non-descript diner-style setting and placed my order. Their American Classic burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion and "house-made" sauce (whatever that is) was calling my name. I also ordered a side of French Fries with sea salt to compliment the burger. While I could have chosen to order a cocktail, I opted out on this visit.

After a little wait, the server brings out my burger - it looks impressive, with a thick patty atop an impressive bakery bun. As I was about to take that first bite, I was anticipating a delicious burger experience. I was actually underwhelmed. The patty was juicy, the bun was nicely toasted, but the first bite, and the ones that followed, were lacking in flavor. While cooked to my order of liking, medium with a pink center, the burger did not possess a contrast of flavors or that punch from the right amount of seasoning. Basically, this burger was flat, but with a nice presentation. The sea salt sprinkled fries, served in a frites-style cone, were quite tasty, and tender where they needed to be in the middle, with a crunchy outside. With all the right ingredients, here's hoping that The Burger Palace spends a little more time on making this burger a little less common. 


American Classic burger from The Burger Palace in the shadows of The Galleria.

American Classic burger from The Burger Palace in the shadows of The Galleria.

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

11:00am-10:00pm Mon. - Sat. 2800 Sage Rd. #1100 $-$$