Shrimp Burger Graces My Plate - A Return to Grace's

During my first visit to Grace's Kitchen, one of my co-diners ordered the Shrimp Burger.  He passed over a taste to each of us at the table, and the consensus by all of us was that this was delicious!  So, I made a promise to order the same on my next visit.  Last night, I did just that.

Let's create the scene.  Seated in the same room as before (the "Kitchen" inspired room), I sat down barely reviewing the menu.  My mind was made up; the only decision to make was fries or chips.  (I chose chips, but that's not important to this story.)  Focus! Focus!  Shrimp Burger - this was not a shrimp patty, but full sized delicious and succulent gulf shrimp pressed together in order to form a perfect "patty",  served on an absolutely delicious pretzel roll with Thousand Island Dressing and homemade bread & butter pickles!  That shrimp "patty" was thick, juicy and quite tasty.  From the first bite all the way to the last "tail", the flavor never wavered.  This is some special burger, even if it is not made out of meat!  It was good-sized, meaty and had an absolutely perfect combination of the best flavors.  What more could I want in a burger?  Well, I would have liked to have indulged in a second one!  And, those chips that were not important to this story - home made, not greasy, and everyone at the table enjoyed eating them off my plate, including me!  So - go to Grace's and get this Shrimp Burger - enjoy the atmosphere, and notice the walls.  You might see a tray belonging to my own Mother hanging in the restaurant.  And, if you ask for a knife, that tray the knife is presented to you on might be the tray that belonged to my Mom as well!  Grace's is named for Johnny Carrabba's Mother.  Thanks to my sister-in-law, my Mother is a part of this local treasure as well!

Grace's Shrimp Burger - YUM!

Grace's Shrimp Burger - YUM!

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!