Sometimes...There's No Place Like Home

Occasionally, the best place for a burger is at home!  My "burger buddy", Mark, made such a burger for his lovely wife, Elise, over the weekend, and here are her thoughts on his creation!

When I first entered Casa Newman, I had no doubt the burger I ordered for lunch would be impressive – in all facets! Chef Mark has a reputation for a discriminating palate and I knew it would come across in his food. Boy, oh boy. I was right!

Who kn
ew that leftover spinach salad could add so much to a veggie burger? Or that the creaminess of the avocado would so beautifully complement the crunchy exterior of the patty? The fresh, soft bun with just the right amount of mustard and ketchup provided the perfect amount of sweetness and acidity.

I’m hooked and have already placed my order for tomorrow’s lunch.


Mark's "loveletter" to Elise!

Mark's "loveletter" to Elise!

Cheers to Mark making one for the rest of us, and Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

RW (via EN)