Starting off 2014 with Burger Royalty

Our "Eat More Burgers Buddies" decided to start off our 2014 burger adventures with an upscale burger from on of the most regal Steakhouses around - The Palm.  The overall experience has to do, of course, with the burger, but other amenities of the visit contributed as well. 

First of all, usually rushed on our lunch hour, I have to give accolades to Lauren at The Palm for being so accommodating as to allowing us to pre-order, and having our burgers served at our table as soon as we arrived.  This allowed us to enjoy our lunch together, and the burger as well.

The burger is served, and as soon as we cut the burger in half, it was that meat!  Perfectly cooked, staring at us with it's beautiful pinkness, and our first bite did not disappoint.   My usual cheeseburger with bacon, onion, lettuce and light mayo was a great taste experience.  But, there was one unusual aspect of the burger that was disappointing - THE BUN.  With all the attention being paid to buns these days, we all wondered why The Palm chose a Mrs. Baird's sesame seed bun.  The bread they served upon our arrival, seconds before our burgers came out, was delicious. 

One of us graded the burger an A; One of us graded the burger a B-.  I gave the burger a B.  In my opinion, while the bun was a mix of disappointment and mystery, I always say it's more about the meat than anything else.  Take away great tasting meat, and it really doesn't matter what the bun tastes like.   But, if the bun is not great, the burger is not perfect, and not an "A" burger in my book.  The wife of one of my burger buddies makes a very good point - she says "The bun is integral to the burger. Otherwise it is just a patty. The buns suck and therefore, these burgers are undeserving of an A."  I tend to agree with Elise on that one Mark!


Cheers to Eating More Burgers!