Prescription for a Burger

Galveston, Texas is known for fresh seafood, not so fresh beaches, and sun.  On a recent weekend visit to "the island", I discovered that Galveston offered up a pretty good burger in a cool little neighborhood dive, Medicinal Purposes.  While this might seem like a funny name for a bar, as well as an odd place for a burger, it all really makes sense.

As the story goes, "subsequent to Prohibition, alcohol was available in speakeasies and through bootleggers, and whiskey could be obtained by prescription from medical doctors.  While labels clearly warned that it was strictly for medicinal purposes, doctors freely wrote prescriptions with pharmacies filling them without question.  Due to it's coastal location, and a loophole allowing ships (with crew and passengers) operating 3 miles off shore to possess and consume alcohol, Galveston became a haven for the trafficking of illicit liquor & spirits."  And, thus, Medicinal Purposes was born as a tribute to Galveston's rich history.

Equipped with a full bar and pool table, the food at Medicinal Purposes Bar & Grill was a real treat. Their "Half-Pounder" with all the trimmings was a nicely prepared 1/2 ground chuck patty smothered in cheddar cheese, mixed with bacon, lettuce, onion and light mayo on a nicely toasted egg bun.  The bacon mixed inside the cheese was a nice change of pace from the standard strip placed on top of the slice.  The side of hand cut sweet potato fries was the perfect addition. While the sun made me hungry, Medicinal Purposes fed my appetite.  The prohbition inspired libation, "The True Sazarec", was my inspiration for a pretty decent game of pool.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Burger and Bourbon - Prescription Filled

Burger and Bourbon - Prescription Filled

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!


Medicinal Purposes Bar & Grill 712 7th Street. Galveston, TX. $