Cease & Desist

The Cease & Desist burger at The Hay Merchant (and Underbelly) is widely known as a Houston hamburger legend.  Originally called "The In & Out", that moniker had to be scrapped due to legal wrangling.  Fortunately, the burger itself was not scrapped, but merely renamed.

On a recent outing to The Hay Merchant, the hot Montrose craft beer and food spot, I partook in this legend. Served with hand cut fries for $10, the burger distinctly pleased my palate.  From their "What to Eat" menu, this burger is "Twice the meat, twice the cheese, but not too big to affect your girlish figure".  What more of a description could you need?  

The two beef patties, while thin, were bursting with flavor. The two slices of cheese gently melted off the sides of the meat; the bun was nicely grilled with a hint of sweetness.  While the bright-red beefsteak tomato was beautiful, I tossed it aside along with the overpowering (and unnecessary) slice of iceberg lettuce. I have a strong dislike of iceberg lettuce, especially when it overstays its welcome on my burger!  Without it, I was able to satisfy my hamburger craving.

The Hay Merchant provided a relaxing lunch atmosphere.  It was not busy, and we did not feel rushed.  The burger and fries for $10 is truly a great value, so I would highly recommend stopping by for their Cease & Desist.  And, if you don't have to go back to work, have a craft beer or three!

Cease & Desist, but don't go away hungry!

Cease & Desist, but don't go away hungry!

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!