The Burger I Have Waited Too Long To Try!

Down House in the Houston Heights area is one of those places I have been meaning to try, but never had the chance - UNTIL TODAY!  Forget that I've heard great things about their food, atmosphere, bar and BURGERS - my awesome "graphic designer" niece is their Hostess!  Why didn't I go until now, and I why did I go on a day when my niece wasn't there!?  Well, I'll be back for both reasons.

Their burger is awesome - just the sound of it makes my mouth water all over again!  I ordered the "Lone Star Burger" and it was the perfect blend of tastes - Cabot Cheddar, Heirloom Tomato, Lettuce, House Mustard and House Mayo on a Slow Dough Challah.  They left nothing off!  The first bite - I can't even describe the euphoria.  The cheese and house mayo and the slow dough challah enhanced the perfectly cooked medium rare hamburger.  I took the heirloom tomato (my favorite) off the bun and ate separately with a knife and fork!   The friendly service was the icing on the burger!

So, try it, you'll love it!  Their menu has lots of great items, but go for the Lone Star Burger or the Kim Chi Burger (which I will try on my visit next week, based on my nephew's recommendation)!



Lone Star Burger - before biting into - Down House Houston - YUM!

Lone Star Burger - before biting into - Down House Houston - YUM!

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!