Goin' Green!

I know a guy named Michael, and he’s a vegetarian.  And yes, he’s still my friend!  We met for lunch at Green Vegetarian Cuisine on Chimney Rock and a large section of their menu is devoted to homemade veggie burgers. With vegan and gluten free options, the restaurant is also certified Kosher. Several friends gave me positive reviews of Green, so I was excited, but with a small amount of skepticism about a non-meat burger.

The burgers at Green are chickpea-based, with a special blend of spices.  I ordered the Green Burger with cheese and avocado, though they have other toppings like grilled onions, mushrooms, and jalapenos. An oft-quoted line from George Clooney in the first season of Friends, usually reserved for complimenting my wife’s hummus recipe, applies: “God bless the chickpea!”

The Green Burger at Green Vegetarian Cuisine

The Green Burger at Green Vegetarian Cuisine

The burger is large and hearty, and tries hard not to suffer from the Achilles heel of most veggie burgers, the mush factor. Ask for a little extra time on the grill and you get a nice crispy crust and well-melted cheese. Mine had a nice amount of lettuce and tomato, with a pleasantly more-than-expected amount of guacamole. Did I say the burger was large and hearty? Bring your appetite!

Everything Michael and I ate was presented nicely on clean white plates with sprinkled herbs and a slice of citrus, and everything had a fresh, bright flavor. The bun was toasted, tasted very good, and added to the attractive presentation. The fried mushroom appetizer, our burgers, and the delicious sweet potato fries made me forget that the meal didn’t include any meat. For those who are pure vegetarians, and even us regular omnivores, Green Vegetarian Cuisine offers tasty and healthy options with friendly service. On my “Best Burgers in Houston” list, the Green Burger is definitely tops in the Veggie Burger category.

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!