The Shape of Things...

Recently, I was asked by my sister-in-law if I had tried the burger at Mia's, and what I thought about it.  The funny thing is, I mainly remembered the shape of the burger - rectangular -  not round.  I had vague memories of a "meatloaf-ish" taste (not my favorite of foods).  She was concerned that a local food critic didn't say kind things about the burger, and asked if I would try the burger again and blog my thoughts.  So, my assignment given, I took to the task this past weekend.

I walked into MIa's - now let me say, I love the interior to this place.  Each time I visit, I get lost as if I have retreated to the hill country.  The place is inviting, homey, and just very warm.  I ordered their Cheeseburger (American cheese, lettuce, onions, light mayo), and I added bacon (of course), got my fountain drink, and sat down. I asked if Johnny Carrabba was in, as I wanted to find out some specifics on the burger - how it was made, spices, and why he chose rectangular.  Mr. C was not in, but the Manager, Nick, came over, and explained that the meat is ground angus chuck (ground fresh in house at Carrabba's daily), with a little salt and pepper for taste.  (Didn't sound like a meatloaf to me)  He further explained the reason for the rectangular burger was that Johnny was once in a golf tournament at The Olympia in San Francisco, and he ordered a burger.  When they brought it out, it was rectangular, and it was much easier to hold and eat while driving a golf cart.  Makes sense I guess!  So, there you have it.

Next up - Rose Carrabba (Johnny's Mom) came up to talk to me, and she told me about the local critic who did not like their burger, or any of their food for that matter (this according to Rose).  I thought it was very cool of her to come up and introduce herself.  Very sweet woman!

Now, the burger - it was still rectangular, but no meatloaf taste.  Either I didn't remember correctly, or they changed the concept of the burger.  But, all-in-all, it was a good burger.  The bun was very soft and flavorful, the bacon was good, the meat was tender and juicy (nice thickness), and the accompanying sweet potato fries complimented the burger.  I enjoyed the burger, I liked the flavors, and I really liked the atmosphere.  However, I prefer my burgers in the round. I think there are a lot of people who either are, or would be, turned off by a burger that looks like it's on a hot dog bun.  Taste or shape - you decide!


 The Rectangular "Hoagie" Burger at Mia's

 The Rectangular "Hoagie" Burger at Mia's

 Cheers to Eating More Burgers!