The Sparrow Has Landed

Monica Pope is a Houston legend and so are her restaurants.  Known for her passion in connecting local farmers with consumers, Monica's food is fresh, unique, local, and quite tasty.  Therefore, when I found she served a burger at Sparrow, I put it on my list to try!

The "Sparrow Longhorn Beef Burger with the Works" came to the table with cheddar cheese and a side of Yukon Gold fries.  Side condiments of several sauces, homemade pickle slices, and pickled onions graced the table on a seperate platter.  This was truly a "build your own" burger assignment!  I topped mine off with the Sparrow special sauce that combined a garlicky aioli with a red-curried ketchup made in house - which added a spicky kickback.  The bun, while slightly sweet and butter-grilled, was dry and lacked flavor.  The Longhorn beef patty was dry (due to its leanness) and quite tasteless, even at medium temperature.  The meat was nice and thick, but was not nice and juicy.  This burger had all the right ingredients, but they just did not come together to make this a great burger experience, which was disappointing. Especially with the hefty $15 price.

Their sides were very good - crispy sweet potato wedges, mac & cheese with kobe hotdog & greens, and brussels sprouts!  I commented that the next time, I could just order the sides and be very happy.  Their "Ten Dollar Cocktails" are amazing as well!  So, try the sides, have a cocktail, but the burger is optional. Monica Pope, however, is still a legand in my book!

The Burger at Sparrow features Longhorn beef topped with cheddar

The Burger at Sparrow features Longhorn beef topped with cheddar

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!