The Unlikely Burger Source

I receive many recommendations as to where I should eat a hamburger.  While most point me to a likely burger spot, occassionally one comes out of left-field. A recent random suggestion was Island Grill Mediterranean Restaurant.  With several in town, I chose their Bellaire location.

This unassuming strip-center family cafe offers 3 burger options - Certified Angus Beef Burger, Buffalo Burger, and Turkey Burger.  I walked up to the counter, placed my order for the "Certified option", and went to my table to await its arrival.  Unsure of what I would be eating, how it would look, feel, or taste, my expectations were not high.  After all, how good could a burger taste from a restaurant focused on Mediterranean specialties, smoothies, and juices?  Well, I was surprised that the burger was much better than my low-expectations.

The burger was brought to my table by one of their friendly staff.  As usual, I cut it in half, and I immediately encountered steam coming from one of the juiciest looking hamburger patties I had ever seen.  The cheese melted evenly over the patty, with leafy lettuce, sliced onions and mayoniase gracing the nicely grilled whole wheat bakery bun. This looked quite good, and as impressed as I was with the steam from the heat, I wondered if the taste would match. 

First bite taken - quite good.  Hot, juicy, and nice flavor.  This was just a good simple burger on quality meat, prepared cooked-to-order.  The bun, while grilled/toasted, was soft, fluffy, and full of sweetness.  And, I enjoyed every bite that followed.  While I do not consider this a burger destination, I would not discourage you from ordering one at Island Grill.

The Certified Angus Beef burger with cheese from Island Grill

The Certified Angus Beef burger with cheese from Island Grill

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!