This Burger Measures Up

Houston has seen an influx of bars and restaurants through the years.  Many have come with such fanfare, we are often surprised when they close without a flicker.  I was pleased to have recently stumbled on to a new Midtown find, Weights & Measures.  As it turns out, this is one of those bars/restaurants that has a great hamurger on their menu.

Besides the sleek retro decor, and great bar with an inspired whiskey selection, Weights & Measures has an in-house bakery creating some of the best baked-goods around.  This includes freshly baking their hamburger buns on-premises throughtout the day.  Topping their Wood Grilled House Ground Beef Burger with this sesame bun lured me into ordering without even perusing the rest of their menu.

While it took sometime for my hamburger to arrive, I was quick to forgive this slowness once I was presented with my meal.  This burger was tall centerpiece of the white plate, accompanied by a side of house-made chips, and a colorful splash of thinly sliced sweet and spicy house-made pickles and other pickled vegetables including cauliflower.  Taking this all in, I quickly divorced (cut in half) the burger, which revealed a thick and juicy medium (cooked to order) temperature feast.  The bun was nicely grilled in the middle, yet it was firm with a nice sweet taste, with multi-colored sesame seeds adorning its top.

From first taste to last, I marveled at the flavor of this hamburger.  The encrusted patty was topped with white cheese, greens, and thinly sliced onions.  There was no overpowering flavor in the bunch, each working together igniting me to burger heaven.  Those thinly sliced russet potato chips were quite addictive, as was the pickeled vegetable medley.  It didn't take long for me to clean my plate, and my Mother wasn't there to make sure I did.  This was done voluntarily, with not one crumb remaining.  

Weights & Mesaures is a new Midtown entry worth checking out.  From drinks, baked goods, and food/burger - I've enjoyed them all.  Oh, did I mention they make a great Latte?  I hope this is one of those new bars/restaurants that survives to become a Houston desitnation.

The weighty W ood Grilled House Ground Beef Burger  meaures up at Weights & Measures

The weighty Wood Grilled House Ground Beef Burger meaures up at Weights & Measures

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

Bakery, Lunch & Dinner- Sun.-Sat.,Breakfast Mon.-Fri.,Brunch Sat. & Sun., 2801 Caroline St., 713-654-1970. $-$$