To the Moon, Burger Lovers!

Have you ever been to one of those places that are so quirky that turn out to be one of the coolest spots around?  I visited one such place last Saturday - Moon Tower Inn.  I had heard so many good things from various people about this place.  When the name was first brought to my attention, I decided to visit their website - .   The web URL itself is damn cool, but wait until you see their website.  The message is loud and clear!  Check it out.

Moon Tower attracts all kinds - yuppies, business professionals, earthy types, stoners, and bikers.  And, last Saturday, each of these groups was well represented.  I was, definitely, not out of place.  I walked up to the window and placed my order.  They offer 2 burgers - "The Cheech" and "The Chong"  (see a pattern here?)  I opted for "Cheech", adding, at their suggestion, a Dr. Pepper marmalade.  YUM!!!!

Burger Options at Moon Tower....

Burger Options at Moon Tower....

Let me tell you - when that burger came out, I was astonished.  It looked like a mountain of burger.  The bun was soft with a sweet flavor.  The meat was good, although it wasn't pink, but grayish in the center.  However, given the fact that they didn't ask how I wanted it cooked, I couldn't have expected perfection.  And, overall taste of the meat, Pablano pepper, that delicious Sambal mayo, bacon and DR.P Marmalade, along with the Chevre, was really amazing.  If one of these items had been left off, I'm not sure the burger would have been as good as it was.

All in all, I'd go back.  For the burger, the people watching, and to embrace this quirky little gem on Canal, right around the block from the original Ninfa's!   (Fun Fact - my Grandfather and his cousin once bought this entire neighborhood to build a subdivision, and if you look a the legal description (on a plat) of any property in this area, you will see the subdivision listed as "Leon & Sampson Subdivision".  My Grandfather was Robert Leon, and his cousin was Abe Sampson.)  So, I guess it was almost like coming home!  Definitely worth the trip.