Way Out West

Every now and then, a burger chain comes to Houston that creates a buzz.  When a Texas chain enters the area, that is pretty exciting, meaning that it is still considered home-grown.  I like shopping and eating local, and that includes "state" local.  So, when Grub Burger Bar came to Houston from our northwestern neighbor College Station (although I'm am NOT an Aggie), we chose to try their City Center location "way out" in West Houston.

Grub Burger Bar offered all the right ingredients - "A proprietary blend of beef that they grind, in-house, everyday and the buns are made from scratch and baked fresh throughout the day."  The proprietary blend of beef is Certified Angus.  Yes, all the ingredients are there.  The atmosphere was there.  Even a free coupon for one of their signature shakes was there.  But, was the taste there?  Was a great burger there?  My "burger buddy" Mark said that while the burger was good, the next time he would skip the burger and go right to the shake!

I have to agree with Mark.  My burger was fine - nothing more than adequate. I ordered their "Lockheart Legend" - Applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, housemade Dr Pepper BBQ sauce, topped with two hand battered onion rings and sliced dill pickles. With this kaleidoscope of flavors, I should have enjoyed a taste explosion in my mouth.  Instead, the fresh baked oversized bun lacked flavor, the onion rings tasted like they were of a frozen variety, and the burger patty (ordered medium while they prefer to serve medium well) was under-cooked and raw in some places - lacking flavor. The house made pickles, eaten on the side, were quite good.  When I took the meat off the bun, removing all the other condiments, I discovered a peppery taste.  And, the Applewood smoked bacon - I don't even remember that being on the burger.  The Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce was quite ketchup (not my favorite), and the cheddar cheese was anything but sharp.  While not a bad burger, it was just not the burger euphoria I had anticipated.  I would usually say that the sauce and other items hid the flavor of the burger patty, but that main ingredient (when eaten alone) had no discerning flavor of its own.

One person commented on our Facebook post that she "loved" Grub Burger Bar.  I was told she lives in the same area as Grub, so my thought is that she had not experienced other burger areas in town.  My advice to her would be to read our blog, try out some of those spots, or venture of her comfort zone to try some new places.  Then go back to Grub Burger Bar to see if you still "love" their burgers!

The Lockhart Legend - Tall burger, but short on flavor.

The Lockhart Legend - Tall burger, but short on flavor.

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!