Weekend Burger Buddy Adventure

Our first weekend Burger Buddy Adventure for 2015 took place last Saturday.  Our mid-afternoon choice was Brasserie 19 in the River Oaks Shopping Center.  Known as the "be seen place" for socialites and foodies, we were anxious to sample their Brasserie 19 Burger, which we promptly ordered without even perusing their menu.

This burger has the pedigree to be a great one - house-ground patty, bibb lettuce, tomato, onion & house-made pickles on a brioche bun with pomme frites & classic sauces.  Another buddy decided to add a fried egg, while the other decided to splurge with foie gras.  I simply added smoked bacon to mine.  As we watched others being served their burgers, we eagerly awaited the arrival of ours.

Finally, the burgers arrived.  I promptly cut mine in half, noticing a nice pink center, cooked to order.  The first bite didn't excite me, so I took another.  Still unimpressed, I was distracted by the overly fluffy brioche bun.  While nicely grilled, it simply was too bulky in contrast to the beef patty. For some reason, tasteless over-sized buns seem to be common on burgers these days. The patty itself was rather bland to the taste, as well as being disappointingly dry.  While the bacon was nicely flavored, and the Cheddar Cheese melted evenly over the burger, I became less enthusiastic with each bite.  The pomme frites tasted too similar to the curly fries I could order from my neighborhood Wing-Stop.

I left Brasserie 19 feeling very unsatisfied.  The service was attentive, and their cocktails are quite good.  But, to pay $14 for a disappointing hamburger is what I'll remember most about Brasserie 19, and that is not what I had anticipated.  In all candor, I can't say that my Burger Buddies would agree with my assessment, and they might have enjoyed their respecitve burgers.

Brasserie 19's disappointing burger.

Brasserie 19's disappointing burger.

Cheers to Eating More Burgers!

Lunch & Dinner- Sun.-Sat.,Brunch Sun., 1962 W. Gray, 713-524-1919brasserie19.com $$-$$$