What Is All The Fuss?

So, you've heard of Hubcap Grille - you know the place.  The "Houston Institution", home of the best burger in Houston.  Really?  I don't agree.  Stopped by for a burger lunch yesterday, and I was not overly impressed.  I ordered my usual - you've heard it before.  Bacon chesseburger, medium, with onions, lettuce and light mayo.  The mayo was totally bland, the burger (while cooked perfectly and quite juicy) was nothing special taste-wise, the bun was unappealing, but the fries were very good, which seems to be the case when the burger is nothing special.  See the pic below - looks rather bland.

A co-worker of mine said their Philly Cheesesteak was excellent, so maybe I'll try that on my next visit.  HCG is blocks from my office, so I'm sure I'll eat there again.  A burger buddy of mine commented that HCG was "so 2012".  Maybe I just missed it by a year - late as usual!


Cheers to Eating More Burgers!